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Alinari, Giuseppe

Date born:

January 1, 1836

Place born:

Place Born:  Florence

Date died:

January 1, 1970

Place died:


Photo-documentarian, early participant of the Fratelli Alinari photoarchive together with his brothers. The son of an engraver, Alinari grew up in a Florentine art family.  His older brother, Leopoldo studied with engraver Luigi Bardi and learned the emerging art of photography.  After Leopoldo established a photography studio in 1852 in Florence, Giuseppe joined him together with his brother,  Romualdo (1830-1891) renaming the venture "Fratelli Alinari, Fotografi Editori."  Giuseppe and Romualdo managed the business while Leopoldo traveled, photographing monuments in Rome, Florence, Naples, Pompeii and elsewhere in Italy.  By the 1860s Fratelli Alinari were receiving commissions for photo documentation. Prince Albert of Britain commissioned them to photograph the drawings of Raphael in Florence, Vienna and Venice.  The business expanded to a portrait studio and then publishing firm.  After Leopoldo's death, the remaining brothers expanded Alinari subjects to document daily life in Florence, which was then the seat of government for Italy.  Alinari photographs form a core of historic images of art historical monuments, some of which were subsequently destroyed or "restored" from their original use.  The photographs also capture architecture in an environment more contemporary to its original than modern images do.  LS

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