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Bielefeld, Erwin

Date born:  1907

Place Born:  Leipzig

Date died:  1975

Place died:  Munich

Specialist in classical Greek and Roman art, particularly known for his focused interpretations and histories of single works of art. Forced to leave his university studies in 1935 because of the Jewish heritage of his father, but remained in Germany and survived a forced labor camp (Organization Todt) in France to return to Germany and resume his studies. After finishing his habilitation in 1947, began teaching at the University of Greifswald where he advanced to the rank of full professor in 1959. Due to a publishing ban placed on him by the communist leadership in East Germany in 1958, Bielefeld and his family emigrated to Munich in 1960, where with the help of Ernst Hohmann-Wedeking he was able to work as an ausserplanmäßige Professor until 1974.

Home Country:  G

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