Lehrs, Max

Date born: 1855

Place born: Berlin, Germany

Date died: 1938

Place died: Dresden, Germany

Scholar of prints and engravings. Arthur M. Hind (q.v.) studied under him in Dresden before joining the prints department at the British Museum. In 1893 Lehrs and Elfried Bock (q.v.) collaborated with the curator of the Kupferstichkabinett of the Berlin State Museums, Friedrich Lippmann (q.v.), to write an introduction to the history of engraving, Der Kupferstich. It went through many editions and was updated by Lehrs and translated into English by the keeper of the Victorian and Albert Museum, Martin Hardie (q.v.) in 1906.

The professor of Art History at Utrecht University, Jan G. van Gelder (q.v.), described Lehrs' work as one of the praiseworthy graphic studies of Netherlandish of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Home Country: Germany

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