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  Liphart, Karl Eduard Baron von, also Carl

Date born:  1807

Place Born:  

Date died:  1891

Place died:  

German baron and connoisseur; friend of museum director Gustav Waagen (q.v.).  Liphart and Waagen introduced Wilhelm von Bode (q.v.), later director of the Berlin museums, to the writing of Karl Rumohr (q.v.).  Together, Bode and  Liphart were responsible for may re-attributions.  In 1871, they independently recognized the similarities between etchings of Hercules Segers (c. 1589-c.1638) and a painting in the Ufizzi, establishing for the first time that Segers was a painter as well.  Liphart helped establish Franz von Lenbach (1836-1904) in Florence, where Liphart lived.

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