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"Nicht alles Wissen Wissenwertes sei"
[Not everything knowable is worth knowing]
Wilhlem Waetzoldt 1880-1945

The Dictionary of Art Historians is a free, privately funded biographical dictionary of historians of western art written and maintained by scholars for the benefit of the public. It became associated with the Department of Art, Art History, and Visual Studies of Duke University in January of 2010. Initially conceived as a methodologic tool for English-language readers, it seeks to compile the documented facts of an historian's life in order to serve as a background for understanding a specific text and the historiography of art. As stipulated under the Creative Commons license agreement, of which it is a part, users are required to site this source (see how-to-site link) in all publications.

The DAH was begun in the fall of 1986 as a notecard project by indexing the historians cited in Eugene Kleinbauer's Research Guide to the History of Western Art (1982) and his Modern Perspectives in Western Art History (1971), Heinrich Dilly's Kunstgeschichte als Institution (1979) and some of Kultermann's Geschichte der Kunstgeschichte (1966). In 1996 it was input electronic and in 2002 migrated to the internet.

Subjects selected for inclusion are based solely by their reference in the historiographic literature (see bibliography link) and are not the selection of the editors.

Permanet Staff
Lee R. Sorensen, Editor, is the librarian for Art and Image Research at Duke University.
Monique Daniels, Dutch and French-language historians, is a private scholar

Inquiries or comments regarding the Dictionary are gladly received and may be addressed to the editor at 919.660.5994 (phone) or LSLILLY@duke.edu