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Ohly, Dieter

Date born: 1911

Place Born: Berlin

Date died: 1979

Place died: Munich

Specialist in classical Greek and Roman Art. Named Second Director of the deutsches archäologisches Institut Istanbul (German Archaeological Institute, or DAI) 1953, and leader of the German excavations in Kerameikos 1956-1961. In 1962, Ohly succeeded Hans Diepolder as the director of the Munich Antikensammlung. In this position, he headed the project of reopening the Glypothek (former home of the antiquities collection) and successfully argued against strong political and scholarly opposition for an unadorned architectural scheme that would focus attention on the works themselves, rather than the overly ornamental design of the original Glypothek, built in the Vormärz (early 19th century). This choice was very influential on postwar museum design in Germany.

Home Country: G

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Bibliography: "Frühe Tonfiguren aus dem Heraion im Samos" AM 65 (1940): 57 ff. and AM 66 (1941): 1ff.

Griechische Goldbleche des 8. Jhs. V. Chr. 1952.